Regulations for competitor - LJUBLJANA OPEN

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All basic categories have to dance basic only ( Syllabus figures). In the basic categories  are open to the couples who are dancing in the basic category in ther own country. The couples dancing basic can also compete in the WDSF Open competitions. 

Juvenile couples are not allowed to dance in Junior I. 
Juvenile I couples may dance in Juvenile II

Junior I couples may dance in Junior II
Junior II couples may dance in Youth

Youth Couples and Senior I Couples  may dance in Adult
Senior II couples may dance in Senior I
Senior III couples may dance in Senior II

ST  3 dances Waltz ,Tango, Quickstep
LA 3 dances Samba, Cha Cha, Jive

WDSF Dress Regulation applies to all categories.
Heel protectors are obligatory for all ladies.

Photo from Ljubljana Open 2014
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